SleepGuard Biofeedback HeadBand: A Treatment to Naturally Stop Grinding Teeth While You Sleep (My Review)

What If There Was a Natural Way to Permanently Stop Teeth Grinding While Sleeping?

 You already know that mouth guards and splints are helpful in relieving your teeth grinding symptoms while you sleep, but you feel it’s merely masking the problem instead of fixing it completely.

mouth guard for teeth grindingAnd even though you have used mouth guards before, you STILL notice and/or experience:

  • Worn Down & Broken Teeth
  • Muscle Discomfort
  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Locking Jaw or Myofascial Pain
  • Another mouthguard torn to pieces from your overnight subconscious chewing

Why SleepGuard BioFeedBack Treatment is so Effective…

how to stop grinding teeth in sleep naturally

SleepGuard is more effective than other treatments to stop grinding teeth while you sleep because, unlike mouth guards and splints, it gets to the root cause of your bruxism and treats it:

  1. SleepGuard BioFeedback Therapy is a one-stop-shop providing you a gentle, effective and PROVEN method to help you stop the pain from grinding your teeth at night.
  2. Eliminate your Teeth grinding/clenching habit by re-training your subconscious mind and finally cure your bruxism and be free from pain.

SleepGuard Works with Your Subconscious Mind  – WHILE YOU SLEEP

Painful TMJ symptoms almost always come from a habit of clenching or grinding teeth while sleeping…

… and that is because part of your subconscious mind has grown to like clenching during sleep.

stop grinding teeth in sleep naturally

The SleepGuard biofeedback headband collaborates with your subconscious mind, training it to unclench your jaw when it hears the RelaxTone biofeedback sound, so you instinctively stop grinding your teeth, immediately getting you out of pain.

With a few minutes of daily practice while awake, you will create and strengthen the part of your subconscious that will work with SleepGuard to stop your jaw clenching and get you out of pain while you are sound asleep.​

( Learn More Details on How SleepGuard Biofeedback Headband Works Here  )

Stress is One of the Most Common Causes of Grinding Your Teeth While You Sleep

natural ways to stop teeth grinding stress managementStress is very powerful and is good in small doses.

But, when your stress, anger, or frustration are suppressed, your entire body and mind feel the effects – from an overall tightening of your muscles and fists to constant mental anxiety…

…and if left unresolved, stress can leak into your subconscious mind, teaching it to release the tension by clenching and grinding your teeth while sleeping.

Leaving you feeling incredibly fatigued and in constant pain when you wake up the next day.

That sucks!

SleepGuard BioFeedback Therapy is So Convenient, There is Absolutely…

  • No expensive visits or prescriptions needed from the dentist
  • No “band-aid” solutions of splints and mouth-guards that only treat the symptoms of your teeth grinding and not the actual cause.
  • No invasive or annoying mouth-pieces that awkwardly fit in your mouth or pop out during sleep
  • No need for Botox or dental surgery

natural ways to stop teeth grinding at night drug-freeSleepGuard is a Drug-Free Holistic Approach to Eliminate Teeth Grinding & Clenching

SleepGuard biofeedback headband does not require the use of medications and has no known negative side effects.

It is approved by the FDA and is a safe and effective, doctor-recommended way to drastically reduce or eliminate your teeth clenching, so you can heal and get out of pain.

Best of All: Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!grinding teeth in sleep satisfaction guaranteed

The makers of SleepGuard believe in their product so much, they are willing to let you try it free for 21 days without charge!

The only way they are able to offer a guarantee like that is because it works!

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How Well Does the SleepGuard Headband Work for Most People?

teeth grinding treatment chart

In measured results, over half the people who try the SleepGuard biofeedback headband are able to reduce their nighttime clenching by more than 80% in less than a month.

More than 25% of people are able to reduce their nighttime clenching by over 90% in less than a month!

What Others Are Saying About SleepGuard BioFeedback Therapy

natural ways to stop teeth grinding testimonials

“Before SleepGuard, every morning I would wake up feeling like I had been through a 10-round fight. My jaw and temples were tender and throbbing…my eyes were bloodshot. I searched the Internet for years for something that would help, and finally found an answer. When your package arrived, I was eager to try it and have been satisfied with the results ever since.” –K.Meehan

“My nighttime teeth clenching had gotten so bad that even while using mouth guards, I had broken two teeth, and destroyed the roots of several others so I needed two root canals and two root amputations. That was all within two years, and I destroyed several mouth guards in the process. The difference with the SleepGuard headband has been amazing. I have now gone four years with no damage to my teeth. I am grateful that someone created something that makes so much sense and works so well.” –B.Kirk

“I had been a tooth grinder and had suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember. Muscle relaxants and mouth guards did nothing for my jaw pain and headaches. I even tried the NTI mouth piece and that made things worse. I was searching online and found SleepGuard and tried it. I doubted the daytime training would work for me, but it sure did. I have gone from about 15 headaches per month to about two headaches per month, and my jaw pain is totally gone. This little gadget is a life saver!” –M. Young

“I knew that mouth guards did not work for a permanent solution as I knew that I just bit down harder and my teeth hurt more in the morning. My background is psychology and I know that conditioning is very important in teaching others to change behavior so I understood the rationale behind your product. It has enabled me to get out of pain and I am very thankful for that. Products like this that empower people’s natural abilities aren’t “big money”, so they don’t get written about in the press. I am glad I found SleepGuard!” –V. Sainsbury

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teeth grinding symptoms decreasing over timeMost people find their pain eliminated or significantly reduced within 10 days!

Many users see their number of clenching incidents and their clenching time drop drastically the first day they turn on the biofeedback (normally the fourth day of use).

Final Verdict: Is SleepGuard BioFeedback Therapy Effective at Eliminating the Cause of Teeth Grinding and Jaw Pain?grinding teeth at night while sleeping thumbs up

The answer is Yes!

Bottom Line:

It works effectively to treat the root causes of bruxism…

It works while you sleep…

And it’ll save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding expensive dental appointments, mouthguard fittings, or even dental surgery.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It’s Important to Stop Grinding Your Teeth Right Now…

Because if you DON’T do anything today, your teeth, your migraines, and your facial muscle pain will only get worse:grinding teeth in sleep damage

( Don’t let your bruxism get this bad! Get Your SleepGuard BioFeedback Treatment Here )

SleepGuard BioFeedback Therapy F.A.Q.

Q: Where Can I Buy the SleepGuard device?

A: You can buy SleepGuard directly from the manufacturer on Amazon through this link.

Q: How does the SleepGuard headband stop my clenching?

A: Every time the SleepGuard headband detects that you are clenching, it makes a quiet sound.  Through a a couple of minutes practice when you are awake every day, you train a part of your subconscious to instinctively relax your jaw every time the quiet biofeedback sound is heard.  Once your subconscious is trained, it will partner with the biofeedback headband to almost totally eliminate your clenching each night, without you even having to wake up!

Q: How long does it take for jaw pain to stop?

A: Jaw pain usually starts to subside within a week of a significant reduction in nighttime clenching (such as a 75% reduction), and often goes away entirely over time if nightly damaging clenching time is reduced to less than 10 seconds per night.

Q: What if I am a deep sleeper and cannot hear the biofeedback sound?

A: Some people who sleep very deeply fear that they will not be able to train their subconscious mind to relax their response to the RelaxTone biofeedback sound, but most people who sleep very deeply discover that their subconscious can learn to respond during sleep without a problem if they do the daytime training as recommended. Since the SleepGuard unit is free to try (in the USA), and money-back guaranteed all over the world, we recommend you try it, because everyone deserves a way out of pain.

Q: Is the SleepGuard headband covered by Health Insurance?

A: The SleepGuard biofeedback headband may be covered by your insurance under Durable Medical Equipment (DME) code E0746 (Electromyography (EMG), Biofeedback Device).  Even though no prescription is needed to buy the SleepGuard biofeedback headband, your insurance company may require that it be prescribed by your doctor in order to be covered by your insurance.

Good luck, and here’s to you having healthy teeth and sleep with zero pain!

-Amanda Lancaster